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Traffic Infractions and DUI

Much of what happens during a DUI arrest is based on political expediency rather than science. Rendy Lemke can help you regain your right to drive legally so you can get to work and take your kids to school. While it’s a time-consuming process to contest a DUI, it’s also confusing. You have constitutional rights, and we can help protect your rights.

Getting a traffic citation can be an everyday situation that distracts you from your work, your life, and your family. Rendy Lemke can help you restore your driving privileges, guide you through the process of license suspension and help you get your traffic tickets resolved quickly.

Bankruptcy & Debt Negotiation

Bankruptcy can eliminate most debts and help you gain financial freedom. Some people who file bankruptcy keep their homes, cars and some other personal property. Lemke Associates can analyze your case, help you decide if a debt settlement program or bankruptcy is the best fit for your financial situation, while making the entire process less painful.

Criminal Defense

Rendy Lemke has represented hundreds of people involved in the criminal court systems in Colorado and Wyoming. The stress and anxiety are very real to all defendants and their families as they worry about the process, the outcome, and the future.

Rendy can provide direction and clarity as well as options for you so you can make the best decision for yourself, your future and your family while working hard to protect your rights. She is skilled in mitigation, such as presenting facts of the case to the court that can affect the outcome. She has worked cases such as drug penalties, sexual assault, domestic violence, probation violation, restraining (stalking) orders for both defendants and victims.

As an attorney with decades of experience, she is skilled in plea agreement negotiation with the prosecutor and taking cases to trial with an intelligent analysis of the facts and evidence.


Considering international adoption? The adoption of a step-child or kin or adult adoption? Rendy Lemke has helped families manage the complex process of adoption, from background checks to home studies (as in the case of kinship adoption) to a final appearance formalizing the adoption and the celebration of a new family.

She can help manage the validation of a foreign adoption or re-adoption, as is often required in international adoptions even in cases where a child already has been adopted.

While unusual, adult adoptions are possible. In some cases, an adult raised by a step-parent might want to formally recognize this important relationship and an adult adoption makes that possible.

Juvenile Cases

In Wyoming and Colorado, the juvenile justice system is separate and functions differently from adult courts. Lemke Law Office is an experienced juvenile defense firm, ensuring juvenile’s rights are protected, sentencing is fair and considers the child as an individual. From meeting with the Wyoming Department of Family Services or the Colorado Department of Human Services to meeting with the youth and family, we help ensure your child is treated fairly and with dignity.

A child accused of juvenile delinquency is entitled to due process, just like adults, and they have the right to not incriminate themselves. Being found guilty in juvenile court comes with serious consequences, including the possibility of being placed in foster care, a treatment facility or a group home. Because of those risks, it’s important to hire an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

Simple Will and Estate Planning

Think estate planning is reserved only for the uber rich? It’s not. A will is simply a document providing direction to your family and friends at the time of your death or if you should become incapacitated. Almost everyone benefits from having a will, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney and living will in place. While thinking about “the inevitable” isn’t comfortable, our clients tell us they feel much better once the simple will is complete.

We draft wills and other related documents for a flat rate fee and we offer free consultations to discuss your estate, your options and which avenues are the best for you and your needs.

Divorce and Custody/Parenting Time Modifications

There’s no getting around it: Divorce can take a real toll on your emotional and financial well-being. Rendy Lemke leverages her years of experience and resources to handle your divorce expeditiously and respectfully. She has helped hundreds of clients navigate the complexities of divorce, equitable property division, child support negotiation and child custody agreements while protecting your interests and your future.

In Wyoming, new rules more than likely will require shared child custody.

In Colorado, Rendy Lemke can help you prove or disprove a common law marriage.

Vital Records Retrieval and Corrections

Often enough, life circumstances require obtaining birth certificates, access to “open” adoptions, the unsealing of adoption records and even making corrections to a birth certificate. Lemke Associates can help with this work, easing your frustration with vital records access.


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